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What is DIR000.CHK, FOUND.000 Folder and FILE000.CHK on Windows?

Do you see a “FOUND.000” folder that contains “DIR000.CHK” or “FILE000.CHK” on some volume of your disk drive? That folder and files created by the “Check Disk” tool. Windows automatically runs the built-in “chkdsk” tool when the Windows detect a problem with the file system. When the “Check Disk” runs and finds corrupted data, rather than deleting, the “Check Disk” tool creates those folders and puts the file inside it.

Where files and folders exist, that is where the problem occurs. If you find the “FOUND.000” folder and “FILE000.CHK” files on drive C:\ that means inside it is the recovery file from drive C:\. Or if you open your USB drive, and you find the folder and file sits there, it means that the file inside it is a recovery file from USB itself.

You need to enable “show hidden files” setting on Folder Options to able to see this file.

Show Hidden Folders And Files Setting

Recover File from CHK Files

In any case, you will be fine to delete “FOUND.000”, “DIR000.CHK” or “FILE000.CHK” folder and files. Unless your data is important and you don't have any backup, you don't need to deal with this CHK file. If possible, recover your lost or corrupted data from your backup data. After all, recovery from these CHK files also does not guarantee your files will recover.

Your chance is small to recover your data from the CHK file. However, if you insist on doing that, there a third-party tool called UnCHK. This tool can help out recovering the data from the CHK file. This unCHK tool will find all CHK files and extracting them where possible. And of course, this tool also does not guarantee the recovery process will succeed.

You can extract the CHK files manually, but you must an advanced user. If you don't need the CHK files, you can delete it. The best option is to make a backup to prevent if you lost the data or your files are corrupt you can recover from it.

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