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Windows 10 Download (ISO File)

This tutorial will guide you to download Windows 10 ISO file in two methods, Windows 10 download from Microsoft TechBench and using Media Creation Tool. Microsoft provides Media Creation Tool to help you download Windows 10 files (ISO) and create your own media installation, USB flash drive, external drive or DVD. You can run this tool on your Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Administrator privileges required to able use this tool, so you need to sign in into your PC as administrator.

What you need before you start is an Internet connection (fees may apply), faster your connection is better, it prevents interrupting your Windows 10 download. Secondly, make sure your external drive or USB flash drive has enough space. Check if your system meets the minimum requirement to install Windows 10. If this is your first time to install Windows 10, make sure you already have Windows 10 Product Key on hand.

Let's begin…

Method One: Windows 10 download from Microsoft TechBench website IS NOT WORKING anymore, use method two instead (scroll down the page to the bottom)

Method One; Windows 10 download from Microsoft TechBench website.

  1. Visit Microsoft TechBench website. Click here.
  2. Scroll down the page and select the Windows 10 editions you want, then click on “Confirm.”

    Windows 10 ISO Select Edition

  3. You will see language option, and you must select one Language from the list, then click on “Confirm” again.

    Windows 10 ISO Select Language

  4. Windows 10 download link will be displayed, and you can choose between 32-bit or 64-bit architecture link.

    Windows 10 Download ISO Link Download

    NOTE: Download links only valid for 24 hours from time of creation, so make sure your download has been finished before the link expired.

  5. Save and install it.

Windows 10 Download ISO Result

Method Two; Windows 10 download using Media Creation Tool

  1. Visit Media Creation Tools page and download it. Click here.
    Scroll down the page and click on “Download tool now.”

    Media Creation Tools Download Page

  2. Save “MediaCreationTool.exe” to your location where you can remember it. Desktop is the best place to save it.

    Media Creation Tools Save

  3. Run “MediaCreationTool.exe“to start your Windows 10 download process.

    Media Creation Tools Save Exe

  4. When windows User Account Control (UAC) prompted, click on “Yes”

    Media Creation Tools UAC

  5. First screen appeared and selects “Create installation media for another PC” and then click “Next”

    Media Creation Tools Create Installation Step

  6. Next, you will see three option Language, Architecture and Edition.

    Media Creation Tools Select Language Architecture Edition

    You will see a lot options for Language that you can select from the list.

    Windows 10 edition option have three Editions available to choose:
    – Windows 10
    – Windows 10 Home Single Language
    – Windows 10 N.

    From Architecture option, you can choose 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x86), or you can choose 32-bit and 64-bit architecture in same time by select “Both” options.

    Choose according to your needs. However, I recommend let the default/current selected in place.

    Media Creation Tools Select Language Architecture Edition Details

    When everything is correct, click on “Next”

  7. Next screen will ask, “What media which to use.” Just select “ISO File.” and click “Next”

    Media Creation ISO File

    Windows dialog box will prompt, and you should choose where the Windows 10 ISO file will be saved.

    MediCreation Tools Save ISO File

    Type a file name if you want to rename it, default file name is “Windows.iso“, then click on “Save.”
    Make sure your USB flash drive, external drive has enough space.

  8. Windows 10 download will start. The download process can take several minutes or hours to be done. It depends on your Internet connection speed.

    Media Creation Tools Progress

    Next process is “Verifying your download” and “Creating Windows 10 media,” just wait until it had done.

    Media Creation Tool Verify Download

    Media Creation Tool Creating Media

    When Windows 10 download finished, you will see a screen just like the screenshot below. You must choose path/location where Windows 10 ISO file was saved and click on “Finish.”

    Media Creation Tool Burn ISO File

  9. You are done, Windows 10 ready to install on your machine.

Microsoft release Windows 10 November 2019 update. If you are running an earlier Windows 10 version, you can download this update via Windows Update service. However, you can do a clean install the latest Windows 10 release by downloading the Windows 10 ISO file directly from Microsoft for free.

Method Three; Download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft Official Site via Browser

Visit this link. By default, if your PC/Laptop has Windows Operating System, you can't see the download link options. Microsoft force you to download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to update/install your current Windows OS. You need to trick the Microsoft system by changing your browser's user agent to able download Windows 10 ISO file directly.

These tutorials use the Mozilla Firefox browser. For other browsers, please adjust.

  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and install User agent switcher add-ons for Firefox.
    To install the add-ons, you need to access Firefox Add-ons Manager. Use following way to open Firefox Add-ons Manager:
    Menu bar > Add-ons
    Press Ctrl + Shift + A
    Type on the browser address bar “about:addons” then Enter.
  2. User Agent Switcher Install 01

  3. Add-ons Manager will open. From left menu select Extensions and type “User-agent Switcher and Manager” on Search box or you can visit this page add-ons directly then install the add-ons by following instructions on screen.
  4. When installation complete. Open the User-agent Switcher and Manager. Select Browser and Operating System from the options list. Do not choose Windows for your OS.
  5. Select browser's user agent from available list. Then click Apply.
  6. Visit this link to Download the Windows 10 ISO file.
  7. When you are on Microsoft download page, Select edition from the list and Confirm.
  8. Choose Language and Confirm.
  9. Download link will appear. The button show options 32bit or 64bit architecture, and to begin the download you can download both or choose one of them. Remember your link only valid for 24hours. If you have slow internet connections your download may be interrupted.

Method Four; Download Windows 10 ISO Using “Windows ISO Downloader” from HeiDoc

This third party tool can help you download the Windows ISO file and other Microsoft products directly from the Microsoft server.

  • Download latest version the tool directly from official site.
    This tool contains adware. If you feel the ads are annoying, donate to the developer to remove the ads.
  • Windows ISO Downloader HeiDoc Ads Remove

  • Under Windows tab, select Windows 10 > Select edition, then Confirm > Select language, then Confirm
  • Download link will show, and you can choose from the available download link. If you have problem download using this tool, you can Copy the download link and paste the link on your favorite browser or download manager application.
  • Next step, you need to create bootable USB Windows 10 and install the Windows on your PC/Laptop.

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